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This is our ice fishing shack. We moved it to the lake (Last Mountain Lake Saskatchewan) near a park called "Rowans Ravine", Parked it and left. The weather turned warm and water came up onto the ice flooding everything. We then had about 10 inches of ice to chip away around the sides. The weather remained warm enough that there is water under the floor- we jacked and chipped until it was loose. Here we have a floor jack under the steel frame that is also skids. This plus a jack all where used to break it free.

We were able to jack it up, put it on blocks, and then drag it off with the 4 wheel drive suburban. We had 2x10 wooden skis bolted to the metal frame to get more spreading of the load when we drag it from place to place on the lake. We should have put it up on blocks when we parked it. Live and Learn!

We unbolted the wooden skis and pulled the shack leaving the wooden skis in the ice. We did free them up and recover them one at a time. Luckily the weather was not too cold or windy that day. This suburban was unable to move the shack except by jerking at the end of a tow strap so we called for reinforcements another 4X4 My son Karl. The 2 4x4s together did pull it to shore to await spring and thawing of the ice under the shack

Here we are getting ready for the big tow!

The shack is now up on blocks and ready to move off lake