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    Hunting for Mule deer- pre 2006
scroll A lot of rope out We shot one as it crossed a fence and then it fell about 1000 yards from where we could drive. We are prepared with a lot of rope wound on a spindle- mounted on the tire carrier on the front of the suburban. Someone walks down with the rope and a walkie-talkie, someone stands where he can see the truck and the deer and hunter. It is this persons duty to direct the towing vehicle -faster -slower- stop - backup - This hunter is also pulled up at the same time with the same rope.
  mule deer in snow This morning we could see lots of deer, but much too far away to shoot. Note the big sets of horns
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  whitetail ,3 mule deer down, the new winch This video is 3 sceens, 1- is a herd of whitetail which we are not hunting b ut we elected to film, 2 is 3 mule deer that we did shoot which we are dressing, 3- using a winch to hoist deer for skinning
  Great horns we can not get to Now we lots of mule deer and large racks of horns but can not get to these
  using a cordless sawsall We now use this cordless saw to remove feet and split chest
  hot water washer.ram We have sclding hot water -a tank is heated with the rear heater lines of the suburban's rear heater. Great for washing carcass, cleaning tools, and washing your hands
  karl shoots This is the way we like to see the kill - watch as this animal is dropped in its tracks in one fast, efficient shot - no suffering- no chase!
    Hunting for Mule deer- 2006
  antelope run beside fence The antelope was looking for a hole under the fence. It was the second of 2 that crossed the trail we were driving on. When the other went under the fence it scrapped of some hair. The hole was not as big as that antelope needed. A VERY COMMON OCCURANCE!
  " ULU " in action Ken bought an eskimo ULU in Alaska - supposed to be a real treat to us. I guess it was better than a knife in spots - not as good in other locations
    Texas Pig Hunt
  Where Ken Missed His Hog In April of 2005 I (Ken) went to Texas to visit my son Keith. Keith had arranged a wild hog hunt in west Texas with some of his co-workers and friends who owned a hunting lease. They were great hosts. I had a shot at one shortly after we arrived. I thought I missed . Keith thought maybe I hit it. We never found evidence of a hit. The hogs are considered a pest and the land owner was insisting they be reduced to avoid having to start using poison.
  road runner at old road kill blind The same site, [called a "blind" because you are hidden from view of animals], was also frequented by other animals and birds. The road runner was kind enough to give us opportunity to film it calling. "TURN UP YOUR VOLUME FOR THIS ONE"
  turkey at old road kill blind Just a turkey hen that wandered down the trail to our blind
  Where Keith shot a boar The next day we were at a different spot. Keith mortally shot a boar. We did not retreive it. It was not going to be good eating. It was getting dark and it is dangerous to go after them in the dark. We could have come back later that night or next morning with others to help but by then predators such as coyote, cougar, vultures & even other hogs would have been feeding on the carcass.
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